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Melanie Michaels

Melanie Michaels has been singing since age 5, professionally recording in Nashville since 1974. She has a commanding on-stage presence and an ability to relate to an audience in a way very few people are ever able to do. Her soulful, crystalline vocals make it possible for her to take any song and put her own personal signature on it. Melanie generated enough interest in the Nashville scene to prompt the director of operations of Billboard Magazine, Lynn Schultz to fly from Nashville to the DC area for the sole purpose of watching Melanie perform. From there she went on to appear on TNN’s “Crook & Chase”, sang the National Anthem at several nationally televised major league baseball games, the US Air Arena in Washington, and sang in a CMT released music video, “The Note”, which aired for some time. Some of her musical influences include Aretha Franklin, Connie Smith, Eva Cassidy, Hank Snow, some bluegrass groups, and most 60’s Motown groups. As well as captivating her audience with her vocal talents, Melanie accompanies herself on guitar, proving herself not only as a vocalist, but a professional musician as well. One could say of her way with people, that to miss a performance with Melanie would be to miss out on a truly great entertainment experience!

Melanie Michaels - the Note
Official CMT Video
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Mel Bio

[img src=]5580
[img src=]990Zed's Nightclub
Melanie performing at Zed's nightclub, Alexandria, Virginia
[img src=]1130
Mel at Bull Run, Virginia
[img src=]1000
Mel, make-up artist Joel, and &quot;Patsy Cline&quot; on the set<br />of Mel&#039;s music video, &quot;The Note&quot;. (Nashville, TN)
[img src=]1040
Video director Harold Jarboe and Mel on the set of &quot;The Note&quot;
[img src=]1180Winners
Mel, Jimmy and Mel&#039;s brother Andy as winners of their Jr. High School talent show. (1973 around age 13) WOW!!
[img src=]1300
Jimmy, Tim McGraw and Mel on the bus
[img src=]1040Berkeley
Mel singing at the Berkeley County Youth Fair. (1974)
[img src=]1020Poster
Newsflash!!! Mel smears &#039;em!! (1973)
[img src=]860
Portfolio shot. (1992)
[img src=]890
Mel (1997)
[img src=]860
Portfolio shot. (1992)